Compressors – HVAC: Compressor costs average from $2,000 up to $7,500 (5 ton to 25 ton). You will receive one HVAC compressor credit after 18 PM months at No Charge. The Rebate credits available below are offered to off-set your entire yearly Maintenance expense !! Total Compressor Credit: up to $ 2,000.00
Refrigeration Credit: Refrigerant costs are escalating to about $40.00 per pound. For annual top-offs, or any loss due to component failure, Costco will have no refrigerant charges up to the allocated amount. Total Refrigerant Credit: up to $2,500.00
Condenser Treatment Credit/High Pressure Cleaning: The overheating and air loss through the condenser coils add to unnecessary compressor failure and loss of efficiency. With the high costs of energy and compressor repairs exceeding $1,000, the cleaning of the condenser coils can no longer be left out or ignored by the service companies. Total Condenser Treatment Credit: up to $2,000.00
Overtime Premium Credit: All overtime emergency calls will only be billed at standard rates up to the allocated credit amount. With overtime premiums exceeding $190/hr, this credit will assist in decision making based on necessity, not cost. Total Overtime Premium credit: No Limit
Parts Warranty: Two 2x times manufacturer’s warranty, plus 2x labor !! The warranty includes all replaced parts during the duration of the Protection plus PM Service Agreement. No Limit

and more beginning in 2017

No other utility rebate program comes close !!!

*Rebate Credit programs will stay in effect while funding and program sponsors provide reimbursement to CAR Inc.The Rebate Credit program is in effect only while under CAR Inc Preventative aintenance.